Dresser Rand Condensing Steam Turbine B5S-6+G

Generator from 2007 with 0 operating hours,
without steam condenser.
1 available
Inlet pressure 39 bar, outlet pressure 0.28 bar,
2,600 KWel x 1,500 rpm, 3,300 V/50 Hz.

AC Generator: Indar BZK-630-S-4, 3,575 KVA

Price: €275,000,

plus VAT, FCA free.
Steam condenser: price on request

Steam turbine Dresser-Rand B5S-6+G

Manufacturer:Dresser Rand
Model:B5 ES-6 G
Type:Steam condensation
Serial number:21124
Power [KW]:2.600
Pressure input [bar]:39
Temperature input [°C]397
Pressure output [bar]:0,28
Year of manufacture:2007
Operating hours [h]:0 (was not in operation)
Weight [kg]:
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:
Turbine data

AC generator Indar BZK-630-S-4

Type:AC synchronous generator
Serial number:4010000042 CEI-60034
Power [KVA]:3.575
Voltage [V]:3.300
Frequency [Hz]:50
Current [A]:625
Speed [1/min]:1.500
Year of manufacture:2007
Weight [kg]:10.500
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:
AC generator data



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