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Our many years of experience, extensive storage space and the appropriate loading and lifting equipment make us your professional partner when it comes to buying used power generators and other industriel plants.

Here you find all our offers and information about us.

Our offers (except for the presales) have been professionally dismantled and are ready for loading.

We sell used power generators and industrial plants

such as steam turbines , gas turbines , gas gensets and CHPs , diesel gensets and CHPs and AC generators .
Compressors, boilers, condensers, motors, UPS or other industrial plants can be found at more offers.

and offer benefits to regular visitors.

Take advantage of offers before others do. In the presale section you can find our purchases before we publish them on different platforms.

Condition of the equipment

Unless otherwise stated, our offers are in a working condition. Often there is an inspection report, which you can then find in the documentation. If the required information is missing, please ask us.

Appraisal and inspection

On request you can send us a technician for an inspection. You can also order an inspection. Depending on the agreement, we deduct these costs from the selling price. We recommend that you get to know us and our offers and invite you to visit us.

Customization and technical expertise

If one of our systems does not meet your technical specifications, we will point out the possibility of a (useful or necessary) adjustment. We have some experience ourselves of what is possible and involve various experts.


If you are looking for a transportation company, land or sea, please feel free to contact us. Since all our offers are sold FCA-free, we will provide loading for you.

Purchase of used power generators and other plants:
Please visit our purchase page: stromproducer-ankauf.de