Hoist Heavy Duty Forklift F-400

Forklift from 2004,
complete with new motor and fork. due to purchase a crane.
1 available
Lifting weight 18.2 t, lifting height 2.83 m, fork length 2.45 m.

Engine: gas, 110 KW

Price: €90,000,

plus VAT and FCA free.

Heavy Duty Forklift HOIST F-400

Type:heavy-duty forklift
Serial number:28230
Power mech. [kW]:110
lifting weight [t]18.2 (to 20)
lifting height[cm] :283
fork length[cm] :245
Year of manufacture:2004
Weight [kg]:24,2
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:(4.15+2.45 forks) x 1.82 x 2.75
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