Friga-Bohn table cooler / condenser / ECA223 PO6 12P

Condensers from 2018, were used to cool a 400 KW CHP plant.
complete (closed unit).
2 available
223 KW / 61,110 m3/h
2 x 3 fans

Price: €4,900 per piece,

plus VAT, FCA free

Air cooler Friga-Bohn ECA223 PO6 12P

Model:ECA223 P06 12P
Serial number:DL140
Type:Air-cooled condenser
Fans:2 x 3
Power [KW]:223
Flow rate[m3/h]:61.110
Volume [L]:84
Year of manufacture:2018
Weight [kg]:925
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:452x230x110
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