Deutz / MWM gas CHP (container) TBG 620 V12

Landfill gas power and heat generator from 1999 with 152,000 operating hours / 27,000 hours according to E70, complete (container) with cooling.
1 available,
738 KWel x 1,500 rpm, 400 V/50 Hz.
AC Generator: Stamford HC I634K2-CG, 1,100 KVA

Price: €49,000,

plus VAT, FCA free.

Gas engine Deutz / MWM TBG 620 V12

Manufacturer:Deutz / MWM
Model:TBG 620 V12
Type:Gas engine (landfill gas)
Serial number:2200633
Power [KW]:790
Year of manufacture:1999
operating hours:150,200 / 27,000 after E70
Maintenance history:E70 2019 123324Bh
E60 2022 143824Bh
E50 2023 151824Bh
weight containers[kg] :22.000
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:1220x300x300
engine data

AC Generator Stamford HC I634K2-CG

Model:HC I634K2-CG
Type:AC synchronous generator
Serial number:0103530/01
Power [KVA]:1,100
Voltage [V]:400
Frequency [Hz]:50
Current [A]:1602
Speed [1/min]:1.500
Year of manufacture:1999
Weight [kg]:2.513
AC generator data



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