Deutz / MWM gas CHP (container) TBG 620 FV 20

Gas power and heat generator (mine gas) from 2003 with 95,000 operating hours, 22,000 operating hours after major maintenance, complete (container) with cooling.
1 available,
1,938 KWel x 1,500 rpm, 10,000 V/50 Hz (400 V transformer optional).
AC generator: AVK DIG 130 l/4, 2,500 KVA

Price: €95,000, €107,000 with transformer 400 V


plus VAT, FCA free.

Gas engine Deutz / MWM TBG 620 FV 20

Manufacturer:Deutz / MWM
Model:TBG 620 FV 20
Type:Gas engine (mine gas)
Serial number:2204013
Power [KW]:2.000
Year of manufacture:2003
operating hours:95,000 / 22,000 after major maintenance
weight containers[kg] :45.000
Dimensions LxWxH [cm]:1220 x 310 x 310
engine data

AC generator AVK DIG 130 l/4

Model:DIG 130 l/4
Type:AC synchronous generator
Serial number:84 25722 A101
Power [KVA]:2.500
Voltage [V]:10.000
Frequency [Hz]:50
Current [A]:44
Speed [1/min]:1.500
Year of manufacture:2003
Weight [kg]:7.100
AC generator data



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